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How to do Zvezda exercises if you have health issues
« : 28 Март 2013, 02:17:56 »
How to do Zvezda exercises if you have health issues

By Maria Guseva

When a woman takes one of the basic positions, she gets connected to the powerful stream of energy. What kind of energy – female, Slavic, all-purpose - is another  question. I am inclined to think that it is female. After a minute in any of the basic positions, the woman can feel dizzy – that’s the sign of the excess of energy.

What happens next? When a woman gets connected to the stream, her own energy starts getting renewed. Blocks, tensions, strains start to smooth away.  Not at once, but you can feel first effects rather soon. You don’t even need to do the exercises, you just need to stand in the basic positions to get into the stream of energy and your own energy will start to get renewed.

If there is an illness or disease in the body then there are blocks on the level of energy. If there are blocks, the flow will stag; i. e. the flow will enter, but is not sure to leave. It can get stuck. And as a result you can get acute condition of your disease or illness. That’s why one needs to do the used-up energy release consciously – not to get acute condition or to minimize it. When the body is (relatively) healthy, any kind of energy enters and leaves it easily. And when it has blocks, the energy goes out but not smoothly and easily, or even not all of it can go out. So the energy enters your body, but not all of it exits.

When a woman gets into the stream of energy and does the used-up energy release, it is a kind of self-healing, which can be used in any condition. One doesn’t need to do the exercises – but just to get renewed on the level of energy for a beginning. Sometime later one might want to start doing the exercises, as far as one is able.

Is seems to ME that one cannot do any harm to oneself by such a light and step-by-step mastering of the gymnastics. Even if one takes medications.

That’s the way I recommend to start to ALL women of different age and state of health, who for some reason cannot or doesn’t want to start doing the exercises right away.

Start with staying in 3 basic positions for a minute and doing the used-up energy release after that. Do it that way for a week. Then you can start doing the simple exercises or you can continue standing in basic positions – the point for you is to listen and to hear your body.
Anyway, I wanted to write this article to make it clear that  in MY opinion there are no contraindications for women to “Zvezda” gymnastics. There is a risk of excess of  practicing, and that’s what you should avoid.

“Zvezda” exercises do turn on the inner mechanism of self-healing and I do really think that one can use them to treat many diseases including serious ones.

How I suggest doing the used-up energy release

Take any of the three basic positions: upper, middle or down, close your eyes and visualize a descending flow of used-up energy moving along your spine and exiting through your pelvis. Your pelvis is relaxed, as well as the whole of your body.  Release all excess strain in your body for 30-60 seconds. When you feel that everything excess and used-up exited your body, you can finish.

The release is a directed traffic of the used-up energy  from inside out.

The energy enters your body automatically during the exercises, and it doesn’t always go out by itself. It is the case when you should do it consciously.
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