Автор Тема: Down exercise 8.  (Прочитано 1968 раз)

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Down exercise 8.
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Start in the basic down position.

Lower your body towards your heels and put your arms straight in front of you (without strain in your elbows), with one hand on top of the other.
Using your thigh muscles, slide forward until your thighs are at 90⁰ to the floor. Sag your spine and rest with your chest on the floor.

If your chest doesn't reach the floor, rest on your arms with your chest hanging, and pay special attention to the upper part of your spine – it should be sagged, trying to reach the floor.

The centre of gravity of your body is around your hips and thighs. Your chest and arms bear only their own weight. Your spine is sagged and stretched along its full length. Keep your thighs at 90⁰ to the floor, your knees slightly more than shoulder width apart, your head straight, your eyes looking straight ahead, your chin on the floor.

Slowly shift your weight to one leg and lift the other leg up. The toes should be relaxed, the knee aimed downwards. It looks like the lifted leg continues your spine’s curve. Try to raise your knee a little higher than your hips. The supporting thigh is at 90⁰ to the floor. Keep your elbows together. Look straight ahead.

Put your leg back on the floor, slightly more than shoulder width apart from the other. Using your hips and thighs muscles, move back towards your heels, put your arms back to their place and return to the basic down position.
Repeat the exercise with the other leg.

Video demonstration of down exercise 8:
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