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Zvezda gymnastics. Good results
« : 30 Декабрь 2014, 22:32:04 »
I’ve decided to write about positive results of Zvezda Gymnastics))
And I understand that for some reason it is very difficult to write about positive results. Maybe, it is due to the fact that behind all the good results there is a great amount of work, or, maybe, because all the results become an integral part of our life and it is impossible to separate them and trace the root cause to Zvezda Gymnastics.  Or can it be because of the fact that it is more difficult to praise than to warn about possible negative consequences?
Anyway, Zvezda Gymnastics gives great positive results and, certainly, they are worth being written about.
Let’s start with the fact that the Gymnastics corrects the female body geometry. The body of any person has some defects in geometry. At least, the rights side (the left side of left-handed people) is used more, and for this reason it is more developed and tensed. Also, some people have exaggerated curve in kyphosis and lordosis (stooping and excessive lumbar curve). In my seminars I often say that if we take 100 people from the street and get them stand straight, then any person without special knowledge will see that some of these people have one shoulder higher than the other, some have a twisted pelvis etc. Zvezda Gymnastics brings the female body to its inherent potential. For example, doing this practice a tall slim woman will gradually stop stooping and gain the famous smoothness and delicacy and will become more grounded and stable. A heavily-built woman will get more relaxed and beautiful in her body. She will be soft, smooth and flexible. The body is harmonized in its inherent nature and the head accepts the body the way it was designed by Nature: unique.  Many times I saw this in women doing Zvezda Gymnastics and I cannot stop admiring the power of these exercises. The body becomes really beautiful and for the first time in their life (!) women agree that the body can be the way it is and that it is beautiful! I know many attractive women who believe that their body lacks something to be a normal body, saying nothing of a beautiful body. Women will go a great length to change and “improve” their body often taking literally the saying: “Beauty requires sacrifice”.  For this reason the ribs have to be removed, the fat has to be taken off, something has to be increased and so on. Endless diets…
Zvezda Gymnastics corrects the body geometry and trims the muscles. Consequently, the inner organs work more effectively, the body regenerates and becomes really healthy and beautiful. Usually, women who do Zvezda exercises are easily distinguished. In my seminars I can tell the women who have been doing these exercises for some time from the women who have just started them.
Zvezda practice gives a lot of life energy. Women often write that without these exercises they don’t have enough energy even for simple household chores. And after they do the practice the energy doubles.
The sleep improves as well as the ability to hear the needs of your own body. For example, before starting Zvezda Gymnastics a woman could postpone her meal until she finishes her work or brings the child from the day care centre, and then she also has to do the laundry. Thanks to Zvezda practice, a woman gets to know the needs of her body and then she accepts and follows them. Cold? Then you should put on something warmer. Stuffy? Then you’d better go out of the underground into the street (or open a window in the room). Tight clothes? Change them. Hungry? Eat something you really want at this moment and not the usual sandwich with tea. And so on. The body always gives signals when it is uncomfortable and if a person hears them and responses, then the body will not get ill. It’s clear that in some situations you have to strain yourself, for example, going by train in uncomfortable clothes and then carrying a suitcase. But after this you’d better allow yourself relax. Then the body will recover and you will be in harmony. Zvezda Gymnastics helps to hear your body and to relax relieving strains.

To me the most important Zvezda result is hearing your body and approaching your true self. Who wants me to do this? Is it my mother who wants me to call her and to share my news? Or my husband who wants me to make dinner every day? Is it my child who wants me to play toys with him/her? Or is it me who really wants this? Or, maybe, I want to leave my child with the grandmother and go to a restaurant with my husband? Where are my desires and my reality? With Zvezda practice all this gets harmonized. Many things change in life. The relationships change. Many of them finish, and many new relations start. A woman changes. Her vision of reality changes and, so, her reality changes too. The life doesn’t become easy and rosy, however, it becomes interesting.
You can read about women’s lives and changes caused by the Gymnastics in the Diaries Section in Zvezda Forum. You can learn about “before and after” of Zvezda practice. It is amazing how these exercises change women. And this is so inspiring!

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