Автор Тема: About the Woman's Belly  (Прочитано 1997 раз)


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About the Woman's Belly
« : 14 Сентябрь 2014, 04:04:18 »
The Woman's Belly

by Maria Guseva

“Trying to understand my condition, going through some manual therapy and doing Zvezda Gymnastics I noticed that my belly started relaxing, sticking out a bit and protruded. I can’t say that it bothers me. On the contrary, I want to relax it more understanding how many tensions there were before. Can you give me any brief information or a link about a healthy woman’ s stomach? What shall it be?
Before, I thought that a tight belly with trimmed ab muscles is beautiful and healthy. Now my attitude towards the belly is changing. Looking at Eastern women it seems that a healthy stomach must be different – soft, relaxed and full of life energy, at the same time”.

Well, thank you for this question!
I don’t remember what my belly was like before I started doing Zvezda Gymnastics. And I don’t know what it would be like now if I hadn’t done it for 7 years already. Most probably, due to my body build, it would be saggy because I’m skinny.

This upper photo was taken when I already had two children and was pregnant with the third one. But I didn’t know about it yet ))). The pregnancy duration was about 1,5 week. When I posted this photo they started asking me whether I was pregnant. Yes, I was, but that’s the way my stomach usually looks like.
My belly is clearly protruding. And against my humble breasts, sometimes it doesn’t look very attractive. When I am pregnant in the early period (for example, 4 weeks), and, as we know, the breasts are the first to grow, I am a real beauty. And I would like to have a smaller belly)). Or, rather, bigger breasts ))).
But the fact is that a healthy woman’s belly is, first of all, a relaxed belly. If you pay your attention, you’ll notice that all the stresses, troubles and problems first of all affect the stomach. It is there where tension appears. Sometimes I have pains in the intestines if I am too nervous. In such case, as soon as possible I go to the bathroom and try to relax my stomach in any ways.

The stomach is the place where different organs live: female and other ones. If you suck it in and heavily trim your ab muscles trying to make it flat, all these organs get pressed and, clearly, you start having problems with them. Cysts, adhesions are very common. Adhesions easily appear in a trimmed belly.

Exercises for ab muscles, for the most part, result in pressing and tamping of everything that is inside the stomach with the inward muscles. The stomach can be really flat but it is unlikely to be healthy.
I always tell all the women I know that they shall relax the belly because it must be full of life.

This is how my belly looked like when my daughter Taisia was inside, 15 days before giving birth, and in 10 days after the delivery. Every time I’m amazed by the incredible qualities of a woman’s body. There has just been a big belly and then… bang! … it is deflated.
Questioning the women that do Zvezda Gymnastics, I observe that in about half a year after starting the exercises women notice that the stomach becomes just like that – relaxed, round and beautiful.
I also want to point out that the belly can be not that pretty because of the posture. More over, in most cases it is the basic reason. If a woman is stooping, no matter how much she trains her ab muscles, the stomach will be as hard as a stone but it won’t be flat – it is just impossible. Don’t try to simply get rid of your belly – make your whole body healthy. Another reason for a protruding belly can be flatulence. This problem can also be solved with the help of Zvezda Gymnastics. So, you just have to do it ))

This is me this summer in Altay Mountains. I have three children.


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Re: About the Woman's Belly
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