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English version / Re: Zvezda Gymnastics. The book
« : 14 Май 2016, 07:36:35 »
Thoracic Spine
a chapter from Zvezda Gymnastics book by Maria Guseva

I'd like to speak about the thoracic spine. 
Once I was sitting in a cafe observing people strolling around. It was summer in Turkey and people were wearing light clothes. That time I paid attention to women and to that upper part of the back which is called thoracic spine.  I started counting the women passing me by who had some problems in this part. That was the majority.

There are lots of illustrations explaining why the majority of women have these problems. The reason is that the spinal bones wear and tear. But I believe that it is not the only way possible, though it really happens to the majority. There are aged women who hold their head up and keep their beautiful back straight. However, there are few of them.
I don't know what I will look like in 20 years. But certainly now my thoracic spine looks different. I believe that if a woman does Zvezda Gymnastics, especially  middle exercises 2 and 3, and all the down exercises, this part of the spine, even if it is initially injured, will be gradually worked through. Especially, if you also visit a body therapist.

In such case it's no use telling yourself: "I must keep my back straight. I must hold my head up". If there are problems in this part of the body, and the head isn't up in a natural way, it's useless to hold it up constantly  reminding yourself to do it. In this case you have to work with this part.

Women often work out abs trying to get rid of the big belly while they need (and should) correct their spine and the excessive belly will disappear thanks to the correct posture. Problems in this part will also cause problems in the chest and neck. But it looks like nobody cares about it. It's a pity that the priorities are so distorted in the mind of people. So, please, look at the women surrounding you, look at yourself and start, if you haven't started yet, doing Zvezda Gymnastics!

English version / Re: Zvezda Gymnastics. The book
« : 19 Февраль 2016, 07:38:39 »
Reverently Speaking about the Breasts
A chapter from the Zvezda Gymnastics Book by Maria Guseva

I write a lot about such important thing as a relaxed body. It's trite to say so but only a relaxed body can be healthy. If the body has some constant  tension in any place, sooner or later it becomes a health problem. As a rule, when we are young, we don't  pay attention to it. But when the body starts attracting our attention with some health problems, it is already difficult to relax it only with power of thoughts.

So, I want to say that you'd better start taking care of your body as early as possible. And it will grant you with long healthy years of your life together. 
As for the breasts, they are surrounded by a lot of different things: fears, complexes, expectations, disappointment. The breasts must always comply with some standards: they must be either big or small. I believe that the size of breasts started being so important not so long ago. Though it's difficult to me to judge because, as a rule, I always write irrespective of any scientific research, basing only on my personal experience of observing people. I believe that the size of breasts doesn't matter for sex or breast-feeding a child. My observation is that big breasts, unlike small ones, can be of a problem for a woman.  But at the same time, lots of women want to increase the breast size putting silicone inside or, at least, pushing the breasts up. 

Now I'd like to speak about a bra. Where did it come from? Why do the majority of women use it? And I did it too. Before Zvezda Gymnastics, of course. After starting Zvezda practice I got rid of any constricting clothes for good. Now I use only comfortable and loose things. Many women practicing Zvezda say the same. Of course, I do have some bras but only for a special occasion, not for everyday wear.

Quite recently I started receiving some feedbacks about the breasts, breast problems, reluctance to wear a bra, to constrict the body with this rigid thing,  that arises when doing Zvezda Gymnastics. I realized that the bra is such a usual thing in every woman's wardrobe that nobody asks what it is for. Now I firmly believe that wearing a bra everyday may be harmful. I can't understand what are the benefits of using it but I can easily describe how the body is constricted by tight ribbons and underwires that prevent the body from breathing and limiting the blood circulation.  And if the breasts are not only constrained but also pushed up, that is a direct way to cysts and tumors. Isn't it the reason why breast cancer is so wide spread now? I think the main cause of breast cancer is the fact that women don't use their breasts for what they are directly intended for: feeding a child. Especially, when there is a child but there is no breast-feeding. Anyway, if the breasts are constantly constricted and constrained with metal wires, it's logical that sooner or later there will be some problems, isn't it?

Let's take an arm or a leg. Let's suppose that the arm crooked in a certain way has come into fashion. And now it is believed to be "beautiful" this way. People start crooking their arms with different tools, twisting and constricting some part of it. What will be the result of this barbarity? Of course, some health problems in this part.

Why shall it be different for the breasts? Why can they be pushed up with impunity? They shouldn't be treated this way. The breasts are soft, of course, and can forgive bad treatment for a long time but it won't be always like that.
Besides, the very attempt to remodel the breasts, to make them higher or bigger, speaks for itself. To me, such remodeling means that a woman cannot accept the body she is given by Nature. I can understand recoursing to plastic surgery when, for example, a child has a cleft palate or a hare lip because having these defects it's difficult to eat and it's really ugly. But what can be bad in big or small breasts? Of course, big breasts can be of some problem, as their owners say. And small ones are "bad" because they are not on trend. A woman doesn't accept herself. She believes that she is ugly and that by constricting her breasts with metal wires and polyurethane foam, she'll become happier. Isn't it absurd?!

I hope that soon this topic as well as that of a relaxed woman's belly will take its rightful place in popular women's magazines.

English version / Re: Zvezda Gymnastics. The book
« : 25 Январь 2016, 09:29:12 »
Flat Belly
a chapter from Zvezda Gymnastics Book by Maria Guseva

Once I had a Zvezda Gymnastics seminar. The participants were "advanced". Except for two women, all of them had been doing this practice for about a year. Many women asked interesting questions.

And again, the question of a flat belly was raised. They said that their friends would like to start Zvezda practicing but they wouldn't do it because Zvezda instructors didn't have flat bellies. And this fact (the bellies not being flat) had been strongly demotivating women for a long time. In this case I will say my favourite phrase: "Thanks God, it's like that!". If they don't want to do it, they shouldn't.

Still let's have a deeper look at the topic of a woman's bulging belly. Here is what I said at that seminar: "We have been living on the men's territory for a long time. Women train their bodies with men's exercises trying to achieve the results typical for men's bodies (a flat tummy is one of them). Women aspire to some men's standards and make themselves fit in them. And at the same time, do you know how common is the operation of removing a womb? One of my acquaintances, who is over 50, has recently undergone this operation.  She was very concerned about that and her doctor said: "Well, when you walk along the street, you cannot see who has a womb and who doesn't. But I know that few women over fifty have it. I myself remove it". And this is really scaring. I did some research on this topic and found the following statistical data:

•   about 80% of all the gynecologic  operations are done due to uterine fibroids and 90% of these operations are removal of the uterus;
•   each third woman over 55 was removed the uterus due to uterine fibroids;
•   the average age of women who are removed the uterus due to uterine fibroids is 42.

So, this disease is wide-spread. And it's much more common than we think at our age of 25-35. Try to think of how many women you know who have undergone some "female" operations. Any of them. Starting from some simple laparoscopic surgery for pertubation of fallopian tubes or cesarean section to uterus removal. I think a lot of women you know will come to your mind. Though recently in some forum I read a woman speculating whether she should remove the uterus or not and whether her husband would treat her worse if he knew about it. Is it possible that the husband doesn't know  that his wife has been removed the uterus? How?
So, what do you think why such surgical measures for female organs are so common? Of course, a flat belly has nothing to do with this. But striving to have it and to have the man's type of body is, in my opinion, a direct way to problems with the female reproductive system.

For my part, I can say that you can and should look for the psychological roots of uterine fibroids as well as those of other diseases and at the same time treat these diseases with medicine or surgery if needed. But still, first of all, you should find the root cause of this disease and work with it. I think that the easiest way is to do a systematic (family) constellation. Or you can also practice meditations, fill in the radical forgiveness worksheet and the like. I believe that you shall understand that this is not something normal as well as erosion. Recently we've discussed the question of erosion. And now there is the opinion which is quite common for the Western medicine that erosion is some sort of norm and one shouldn't treat it. I agree that cryotherapy and other types of treatments are ok, though I wouldn't be in a hurry to do them. But erosion is not something normal. It's great if it disappears during a pregnancy, but if not, you should also work with it, find and understand the root cause and remove it. And, in this case, even if the erosion doesn't disappear, at least it wouldn't grow into something worse.

Dear women,  I wish you to be healthy! Take care of yourself and, first of all, of your inner world because the outside is like the inside. Everything can be fixed and healed. Where there is a will, there's a way.

English version / Re: Zvezda Gymnastics. The book
« : 08 Декабрь 2015, 21:09:48 »

The more I and other Zvezda instructors  write about this practice in different Internet resources, the more theoretical data we collect about Zvezda Gymnastics. We get to know how these exercises influence women, in what cycles as well as we learn about results, changes and throwbacks . Feedback in Zvezda Gymnastics is very important.

As a result of many years of work of our Zvezda forum, instructors' chats and exchange of experience at instructors' seminars, we have collected many feedbacks and evidence about how this practice influences the woman's body, the reproductive,  hormonal, cardiovascular and locomotor systems as well as the psychosomatic processes in the body and soul of women.

So, here are some articles based on the research done by the author and her team of instructors.

The Correct Basic Positions
by instructor Anastasia Kuzmina

I see that many women underestimate Zvezda basic positions. However, the basic positions are the keys to Zvezda Practice. And it is very important to do them correctly. They have a huge resource for self-healing. Many times I have felt for myself and seen in other women that doing the basic positions correctly significantly changes the quality of the other exercises and, as a result, it changes a woman, the quality of her life, her looks and health.

Yesterday I told the woman, who had been attending my classes for 2 years, to stay in the upper basic position for a third of the class. She has serious problems with her back. We've achieved some great results in the pelvis and low back and we have a lot of work to do in the shoulder area. The woman has an excessive curve in the thoracic spine and the mobility of the left shoulder and arm is limited. It is clearly seen in the upper basic position. The fact is that a healthy body easily does the basic position with all its subtleties. The body takes this position without any effort and it feels natural. Any difficulties in taking it means a deviation from the healthy standard.

One of the serious problems in correcting defects of the locomotor system is muscular habits. Incorrect position of the body feels normal. And if you correct the body position it feels uncomfortable to the person. The bones can be corrected and put in the right place, but the muscles will draw them into the usual position.  So, if you have a spinal curvature, it is not enough to do Zvezda Gymnastics only for pleasure in tune with your feelings. At first, you have to develop new and healthy habits in the body. For this purpose you may need some assistance of a body therapist and a Zvezda instructor or your own very close attention and delicate attitude to your body as well as to the recommendations about the basic positions.

The upper basic position corrects the vertical posture of the body very well. It provides the right feeling of the gravity center, distribution of weight and load, at the same time working deeply with the shoulder joints and arm muscles.  I often see strained bender muscles limit the mobility of a limb. This leads to joint problems and raises stagnant processes.

So, it is important to keep the spine in a strictly vertical position, the shoulders  move backwards as much as possible (it is the shoulders that shall move; the chest shouldn't stick out), the elbows aim forwards as much as possible. Please, note that the wrists (and not the back of the hands as it usually happens) press the back a bit higher the lumbar curve. It is important to keep the hands relaxed BUT perpendicular to the body. If you cannot do some of these movements, it is likely that you have a problem in the neck, chest and/or lumbar spine. Or there might be some limited mobility of the arms due to an injury. You have to work with it, correct it and maintain in good state. So, what can you do? First of all, do Zvezda basic positions. Do each basic position as well as you can, smoothen your breathing so that the whole body participates in the process, relax your belly and pelvic floor. Keep the position for some time.

I think it will be more effective if you work with the elbows and shoulders not through effort but through relaxation. I mean that if you make efforts pushing your elbows forwards and the shoulders backwards, the muscles will be hard to yield. But if, after taking the best possible basic position, you relax and smoothen your breath and let your body get accustomed to the position and then let your muscles move further, the results will appear quite fast. Do the same in the middle and low positions. In the low position let your chest and lumbar curve be drawn down by gravity force. The shoulders shall be straightened and lowered. The head is raised so that you could look forward without strain in the neck. If you cannot look forward in the low basic position, most probably, you have some problems in the neck and chest.

The next step is moving from this position and returning to it, i.e. doing an exercise. With even and full breathing and slow, smooth and conscientious movements these exercises help to acquire the right muscular habits.  However, I wouldn't recommend to be in a hurry to start doing the exercises. At the beginning of my personal Zvezda practicing, in a year after I started it, I realized that I didn't pay proper attention to the basic positions. I did them superficially without feeling them deeply. So, in a year, I stopped doing all the Zvezda exercises and practiced only the basic positions. I stayed in each position for about five minutes. Though I didn't limit myself to a certain time period. I simply stayed in one of the basic positions and observed my feelings in the body. I structured every detail, every subtlety. I dissolved my discomfort, learnt to breath smoothly and relax the pelvic floor. As a result, my knees stopped aching in the middle basic position. I stopped falling in low exercise 8 (Who would have thought that there is such connection?!). I learnt to raise my arms smoothly above the head, my heart beating stabilized and my right arm stopped getting numb in the upper exercises. Low exercises 2 and 4 that had taken some effort from me before became smooth and graceful. These are all the signs of health, the indicators of strains that got relaxed and that could have become some new diseases.

That woman who spent 15 minutes at my class staying in the basic position, left the class being a different person. She noticed that this class was more effective to her than the previous ones. Despite less physical activity she felt more exercised. The body became more flexible and the less mobile left arm  became less rigid. She got all these results after one class in which she devoted 15 minutes to the proper upper basic position!

A properly structured healthy body has lots of resources for self-cleaning and healing. Pay close attention to Zvezda basic positions . They are of great help in structuring your body!

English version / Re: Zvezda Gymnastics. The book
« : 16 Ноябрь 2015, 00:25:36 »
Healing Yourself: Zvezda Gymnastics and Other Remedies
a chapter from Zvezda Gymnastics Book by Maria Guseva

Once I had a seminar in a small group.  Many of the participants were interested in health questions, ways of healing without doing any harm etc.

Once again I spoke a lot about the fact that practicing Zvezda Gymnastics might cause acute conditions of old diseases and that you might also learn about existence of some diseases that were latent in your body. I've already spoken in detail about how you should do the Gymnastics when you are ill. But I would like to remind you once again the main principle: you can practice Zvezda exercises while being ill and very often these exercises help you to recover. However, you should do it carefully listening to your body very attentively.

You should start Zvezda practicing  with the basic positions (doing each basic position for 30-60 seconds once or several times a day). In 7-10 days, if you feel good and there are no acute conditions of your diseases, you can start Zvezda exercises. Start with the easiest exercises gradually moving to the difficult ones. And I want to repeat once again that you should do the exercises paying a special attention to your body processes. If you feel worse, go back to the basic positions. Don't quit practicing Zvezda. Find two minutes a day to do the basic positions and a used-up energy release. Sometimes it may be very difficult but motivate yourself for this practice so that the energy could move and renew in your body.

Family Constellations. I write a lot about them and recommend them at every opportunity. As for diseases from the point of view of constellations, I believe that to find the root cause of a disease is, apparently, the main step for curing it. The root cause is the same as the cabbage stump. At first, there was some cause that lead to childhood traumas, or even family traumas, child's colds and some serious diseases causing some hospital stay for two weeks or a month, teenage joint ache etc. And, as a result of this, at the age of 30 a person has some disease, for example, allergy that gets worse every year. When he/she was a child, mother gave him only cereals, because the child was allergic to everything. The child grew up and have asthma. Being an adult, the person coped with asthma but every May he/she has to leave the native city because of spring allergy that gets worse every year. So, this is the disease of the same nature. It transforms as time goes by but it  doesn't go away. What shall we do about that? Can Zvezda Gymnastics help in such case? Actually, it can. But what if Zvezda practice is not enough? Then, in my opinion, one should look for the root cause. In the above stated example the root cause might be some conflict between the parents because of adultery during the mother's pregnancy. Or a conflict between the mother and her mother-in-law. Or a conflict of any other kind. Without finding this root cause and reconciling the participants of such conflict in your mind you might not be able to recover completely. The core of the disease will stay intact waiting to be discovered. Try to find the root cause yourself. Write down your feelings and emotions in a diary, read self-help books. Maybe, your case has already been considered. I believe that the easiest and most efficient way is to have a family constellation set up. But if that doesn't suit you, find your ways. It is possible to recover from many diseases, the only thing is to have faith and inner motivation.   

Once again I would like to speak about great benefits of body psychotherapy.
Sometimes women ask me:
- Does it mean that Zvezda Gymnastics is not enough?
And I honestly reply:
- Yes, it does. You should also apply to body therapists. If the body therapist (massage therapist, chiropractic , osteopath etc.) tells you that you are healthy, I'll be happy for you and this will mean that you can maintain your health only with Zvezda exercises. And in this case, Zvezda Gymnastics will be enough.

- I thought that 15 minutes a day of Zvezda practicing are enough....

- You live in a big city. Can you imagine what kind of environment is that? How aggressive it is? Even if your food is healthy, or even if you are a rawtarian, you breath in the city air. Even if you drink only bottled water or bring water from a spring, you have a shower in the tap water. And so on. You are about 30-40-50 years old. Your body has already accumulated some strains and stresses and some of them have already become diseases. Do you think that 15 minutes of Zvezda exercising are enough to be healthy again? My answer is no. They are not enough. Go to body therapists, correct your body geometry, restore your inner rhythms, achieve the balance of your body, soul and mind. When you have all of this in balance, then Zvezda Gymnastics will be enough to maintain your health. Thus, Zvezda practice gives you recourses for healing and sometimes it can even heal, but in the majority of cases, you should find your specialist who will help you to make your body healthy.


English version / Re: General Guidance to Zvezda Exercises
« : 25 Октябрь 2015, 21:45:08 »
How to Do 7 Zvezda Exercises to Have Enough Physical Activity

by Maria Guseva

When I only started promoting Zvezda Gymnastics, I introduced the concept of a set of 7 exercises. Now I don't tell you to do only 7 exercises. I recommend doing 3, 7, 9 or any other number of exercises, but not more than 10, in the beginning. In some period there was a version of doing 7 or 27 exercises. It still exists  but only for the initial stage. In fact, if you don't feel any energy at all, the exercises are easy and your body wants them, do all the 27 exercises during the first month.

At one of my seminars a girl told me that she wanted to be a Zvezda instructor and at the same time she modestly said that she did all the 27 exercises because 7 of them were not enough for her.

So, if you've been doing this practice for over half a year and it is still not enough and you want more physical activity, you do something wrong. I tell you this as a person well experienced in Zvezda Gymnastics.

If you've been doing it for over half a year, and you still "don't feel any energy", try to feel it! It's true that in the beginning, you may not be able to hear yourself, your body. It's ok. We live in the society where it's not common to listen to yourself. And it's quite usual to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance all of a sudden with a serious disease that "didn't exist yesterday". The fact that before the third stage of cancer there is the second and the first one and that you can feel some failure in your body before any tumor appears is a kind of classified information in our society. We say: "Thanks God, the doctors diagnosed the disease in the second stage!". Why  doesn't the patient know that he/she has a disease? They don't know it because they don't feel their body.

So, if 7 Zvezda exercises are not enough for you, and you can do all the 27 of them, this means that your body sensibility is very low. And you shall start listening to your body until it start screaming out loud.

How can you increase your sensibility in this practice? I'll give some recommendations for those who have been doing it for over 3 months.

Start with drawing seven or nine cards with exercises. Watch the video. Read once again the description of these exercises. And start the practice. Don't do it as you usually do it. It's clear that while your child is sleeping you have to do lots of things. At least once try to do it slowly with the same speed that I use in the video. Feel every movement. Here you raise the arms, and here the leg is moving....Be present in your body. Try to be aware of what your arms and legs are doing, how your head is turned. This will require you to stop thinking about your child, husband, work or Christmas holidays for some time. You'll have to stop thinking about everything.  You'll have to submerge in your body. Feel it, listen to it. Most probably, you'll learn a lot of new things. For this level of concentration you shall do Zvezda Gymnastics alone. Don't do it when your child is about to burst into the room for his playdough or when the TV is booming in the neighboring room. You need isolation and silence. In this case you won't want to do 27 exercises at a time. You'll want inner peace and silence. And seven exercise or even less will be enough for you.   

When your Zvezda Gymnastics is slow and meditative, you do it right. In this state you do three-five exercises. Or seven at most. Don't do this practice as ordinary physical exercises and you'll get more than you could imagine.

Beauty and joy are the main guidelines for you. Don't care about a number of repetitions or the depth of bending. Pursue beauty and joy. Don't ignore these qualities and you will know yourself. Your true self.

When you learn to do Zvezda exercises this way, when you are present in your body and three, five, seven exercises are enough for you, you'll ask the typical question: what is next? How shall I go on practicing Zvezda exerices?

Now I'm going to disappoint you. There are no more instructions. The first recommendations are meant for a beginner to master all 27 exercises. I mean that at the first stage you need to learn and perfect all the exercises. As soon as you know all of them, there are no more instructions. You have absolute freedom and you shall base only on your feeling and desire. You may do these exercises as many times as you want and in any order. Though I think in the first year you should still do it regularly to thoroughly work with your body. And, probably, this is the only "recommendation".

I'd like to add one more thing. Don't do the exercises basing on your intuition meaning "I do the exercises that my body asks for". As a rule, this means that you never do almost half of the exercises. Believe me, in this case you lose a lot. Draw cards, use a pendulum or choose the exercises in some different way but allow your subconscious to make a choice among all the exercises and not only among the ones that you remember or like.   

How do I chose the exercises for practicing? For a long time I've been drawing as many exercises as I currently want (usually five, but sometimes seven or nine)  from the pack. This means that I don't divide the pack into the upper, middle or lower exercises. I just draw cards from a mixed pack. Sometimes I do it in a sophisticated way: draw a card, write down this exercise, put it back into the pack, mix it up and draw the next card. In this way, one and the same exercise can be drawn two or even three times. In this case, besides the cards, I also need some paper and a pen that's why I rarely do it this way. Sometimes it happens that I get a lot of exercises in the same position, for example, four middle exercises and one upper exercise. And I do them trusting the process. Though in the beginning I don't recommend to let some position prevail over the others. There shall be an equal number of exercises in all the three positions.

So, the purpose of this article is to recommend those who have been doing Zvezda Gymnastics for over a year to forget about the rules and to do this practice in the way that you feel the most appropriate to you now.

по Лиз Бурбо, это травма униженного.  Чтобы скрыть эту травму - человек одевает маску мазохиста. Бессознательно провоцирует такие ситуации в которых  будет чувствовать стыд и вину. Чтобы "поковыряться в болячке" - и получить все большее унижение.   Ну и "подтвердить", что нет в жизни справедливости -  только стыд и вина.

А я уже не могу в последнее время книги читать на тему психологии. Даже понимаю, что может надо, но не лезет. А вот так в чьем-то кратком пересказе хорошо )))))

И да, соцсети помогают как-то соединить все свои частички и предъявить их миру в виде чего-то целого, то бишь себя. Стыдно, сказать, я раньше прежде чем что-то перепостить, десять раз думала, а что про это подумает Коля или Таня из какого-то круга, в котором меня с этой стороны не знают. А сейчас с наращиванием какой-то внутренней массы, создалась основа, которая уже не позволяет скатиться в стыд за себя или вину по любому выдуманному поводу.

Ира, прям про меня все. Я тоже недавно осознала, что у меня есть круги знакомых, которые знают меня с какой-то одной стороны, но не знают с другой. И общаясь с одними я старательно скрываю ту часть себя, которая им не знакома. И мне даже не хотелось, чтобы эти круги пересекались между собой, на моих др, например.  Сейчас делаю особое усилие и уделяю внимание, чтобы быть со всеми собой и ничего своего от других не прятать )))). У меня тоже основная тема-вина и стыд. А это значицца мазохист, да?

Люба, поздравляю!!!!! Только сейчас прочитала твои новости!

Zvezda Practice with an Environmentally-Friendly Request
by instructor Anastasia Kuzmina (practicing since 2009)

I often hear suggestions using Zvezda Gymnastics as a kind of “life facilitator”. It is clear that beginners want to improve their life and some instructors, wanting to attract more people, make the suggestion of using Zvezda practice to fulfill their wishes, to attract and hold the husband, to cure children and to do other important things.
 As many beginners, I used to try to use the Gymnastics in my egoistic purposes. I wanted to improve my life from the common point of view established in the society. I tried to make my then husband fall in love with me again, to make my wishes come true, to secure me and my kid good health so that I wouldn’t be bothered by the body at all till the death and to look perfect at the same time also till the death. In a word, I had common human desires and it looked like I’d found the perfect tool for them – Zvezda Gymnastics.

I got divorced very shortly after I’d started this practice. In general, I was very disappointed in Zvezda Gymnastics at that time though somewhere deep inside I felt that it was my mistake and these exercises had nothing to do with it. Thanks to this subtle feeling inside I didn’t quit practicing though I didn’t understand what’s the purpose of this practice after all the things that had happened. Probably, the personal example of Maria Guseva – her self-sufficiency, energy, health, and those of her children, inspired me to go on.
Three years passed. And in this period my life and me have changed drastically. Now I can answer myself why I should do Zvezda Gymnastics and those who practice it with me use my answer too.

The answer is that starting this practice you won’t be able to live the life you used to live. Of course, there are people who do their best to keep their life the same and spend a lot of energy on that. And they manage to stay the same. But that equals to resisting the power compared to a storm.

Zvezda Gymnastics increases the life energy of a woman. And it becomes more difficult to live the life ignoring the signals of the body and external circumstances. And what for? These exercises give energy to a woman to solve these problems so that she wouldn’t need to ignore or hide them anymore. For example, many women have acute conditions of different diseases when they do the Gymnastics. If some disease appears in the body on the background of Zvezda practice, it means that it has already been in the body and it would appear later. With greater effects. Doing Zvezda you won’t be able to ignore such little health problems till you are old. It is uncompromising: only 100% health, not even 99%. And the same goes for other life areas.

So, it turns out that Zvezda Gymnastics does improve the life but in a different way than the one that usually attracts beginners. It is not direct. It intensifies the problems and at the same time it gives energy to solve them. In the end, the whole life does improve in general and not only in the first two weeks as it usually happens. Though to achieve this you have to take challenges and to admit your imperfections, and this usually hurts. Normally it’s a great amount of work. For example, it’s very painful to admit that it was you who were wrong and not the surrounding people whom you treat as enemies; that it was you who has taken the role of a victim and has been playing the role of the humiliated and offended one! Doing Zvezda Gymnastics it’s difficult to keep this role. There are too many things that start happening in life. But I know that there are people who try to ignore all this.

I don’t do that. I like the results and wish you the same.

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Crisis in Zvezda Practising
a chapter from the book by Maria Guseva

Now I would like to speak about such thing as quitting Zvezda practice. According to the statistics, such crises happen in 2 weeks and in 2-4 months after the start. I think, and I would be glad to get some feedback from you with additional information, that those who have practised Zvezda exercises for half a year, continue doing it quitting and resuming the practice in accordance with their own feeling but without stopping it completely.  However, those who have just started can face reluctance to do it at the initial stage. 

I want you to know that such throwbacks are possible. They are not surprising and about 70% of women go through it.  Some of them (the minority) overcome this reluctance and continue Zvezda practising, the others (the majority) quit it completely.  This is also normal and quite comprehensible. 

Here are the most common reasons for women to quit the practice:

1.   Zvezda Gymnastics is not effective. “I don't have any results. I don't feel anything. These are some stupid exercises. What's the point of doing them?”;

2.   Laziness. Inability to do the same practice for a long time. "On Saturday they organize a belly dancing group in the community center. I'd better go there! And my neighbour Helen says that pilates helped her a lot. I should also try it!";

3.   No clear inner motivation and need for group workouts. I mean that for such women it is important to go somewhere. They'd better spend two hours on fitness/yoga (an hour for getting to the sports club and an hour for exercises) than practice alone at home;

4.   And the most clear and really considerable reason is  throwbacks.

So, what can be done about these reasons?

I have nothing to say about the first three ones and no need for that. However, if you fall into the third category and you feel the need for group practising I can recommend you something. You can arrange a group with your friends and practise Zvezda Gymnastics altogether. You can find an instructor in your city who organizes regular group classes. However, this option is difficult because we don't have a lot of instructors yet.  And finally, you can join our skype chat and do the exercises with someone from the chat. It's not the best alternative but still it will motivate a bit those women who need a company for doing something.

Now I want to speak about throwbacks in detail. What is a throwback? As a rule, Zvezda Gymnastics gives some energy advance at the initial stage: it improves the mood and general state; gives smoothness and relaxation as well as vivacity etc. Then, it is almost inevitable to have a decline in the form of depression, aggression, heightened resentments. Every woman has her own negative reaction. Throwbacks can be divided into the following categories:

1.   Emotional (for example, mood swings);
2.   Physical (acute conditions of diseases);
3.   Crisis in life circumstances (dismissal, a breakup with the partner etc.).

In general, Zvezda practice fluctuates the first two years, i.e. it doesn't mean that after aggravation in the form of a running nose everything will be ok. There will be ups and downs again. Still they will be larger and deeper with time. At first, it might be calmness as well as tears and sniffles, then, possibly, dismissal and search for your true purpose in life, and later that might be a change of the place of living etc.  You will be purged until you start living in exact accordance with your heart. Without betraying yourself.  It doesn't mean that since you start Zvezda Gymnastics, your life will turn into a complete assault course.  You'll get stronger with every trial and you will face each new one with more serenity.  You are sure not to recognise yourself in a year of Zvezda practising. You will be very surprised recalling your own behaviour in a year.  I've gone through it myself and I see it in many other women who go through it.  It is a journey and I believe it's worth going through.  However, it might be easier for someone to refuse it at the initial stage. And I can understand that.  I think the most important thing is to clearly understand what you refuse and why. Yes, the first euphoria from the practice will subside and turn into calm and balanced energy. I mean that, probably, you won't move mountains but you'll know that you can do it.  Something that seemed impossible before will become clear and achievable.  And at the same time purging and cleansing will continue.

To sum it up, I want to provide some recommendations to those who face a throwback at the beginning and still are willing to go on:

1.   Don't quit the practice completely;

2.   Decrease the amount of exercises. Do one repetition of exercises, instead of three, and do 7 exercises every other day. If you still feel that it's too much, do only the basic positions and a used-up energy release. But continue practising because Zvezda Gymnastics will give you resources to go through the obstacles instead of burying them somewhere deep inside as it is usually done;

3.   Try to understand what's going on. If you get angry with everyone around you, look for the REAL root cause of this aggression. It's clear that the reason is not in the kid's crying and screaming and the husband's coming home late.  There's some story, some situation that provokes this internal discomfort, that makes you get angry and in this way it attracts your attention.  So, you have to work with this situation;

4.   You can and should use other methods to work with your subconscious. It can be some books about loving yourself, mental training, praying, meditations etc.  Find the methods suitable for you, do not neglect these problems;

5.   That would happen anyway, even without Zvezda practice.  The Gymnastics only brings to the surface all the things that are sure to appear in this or that way later, but, probably, in a more aggravated form.  I hope, understanding this fact will help you to take easier the things happening to you and, despite the circumstances, to continue practising.

And if you've been doing Zvezda exercises for a long time, you probably have your own secrets how to cope with a crisis.

Zvezda Instructor Nadezhda Mikhalina (practising since 2011) has written a good article about crises in Zvezda Gymnastics:

"I noticed several times that when I ask a woman by chance whether she continues practising, she lowers her eyes and says that no, she hasn't been doing it for 2 days/weeks/months. And in such case I have the feeling that I'm expected to get angry with her or at least to reprimand her for not being a good girl because good girls don't act like that.  As if we were at school  and she's been absent from classes.... I think that we are all adults and only we, ourselves, are responsible for our OWN life.  At least, I want it to be this way. You have to understand that doing or not doing Zvezda exercises is your own decision.

Still I want to say that making breaks is also normal. At least, I know very few women who practice in accordance with a strict schedule and without any breaks for a long period of time. When you just start feeling your body and your true self and understanding what you really need, there are natural pauses.  For some reason in this period you cannot do Zvezda Gymnastics. The other thing is to be able to tell common laziness and negligence from the condition when you really need a break in practising. As for me, not to forget about the practice I make the note "Z" in my organizer, and then if the situation allows, I do it.  I have to avoid the situation: "I forgot about it for a month!". I expect  my body to ask for it.  Still, in the beginning you have to develop this habit.

Very often there are false recollections. Sometimes you feel that you practice a lot and every day. But if you count, it appears to be not that much.

And if you have a crisis or cannot do the Gymnastics for some reason, then you shouldn't completely stop it, just decrease the load. Do a bit of it often in homoeopathic doses.  If you have some "negative" effects (I put the quotes because I don't see anything bad in the fact that the body gets rid of some unnecessary and outdated things), don't forget about the used up energy release.  And still if you don't want to do it, don't do it. Honestly say to yourself that you don't want to, don't have time to or can't do Zvezda Gymnastics now, and continue your ordinary life. Don't blame yourself and don't feel guilty.

Maybe, in some time you'll want to resume it. Maybe, your body will ask for it recalling how good it felt doing this practice.  And, maybe, you will never remember it again. This is also a common thing.

Sometimes there are periods when your practice is full of joy and pleasure. Everything is fine in your life and you want to live and practice in this joy. I'm sorry to upset you saying that it won't last forever. We change and our life also changes... Zvezda Gymnastics changes too. Even if your body is fit enough to do all the exercises in the right way and you enjoy practising, it doesn't mean anything. It's quite possible that some old block or problem will come to the surface, and the body will get wooden again. It's not bad. It doesn't mean that you shall stop the practice. You have to overcome it and go on. Maybe, it is time to use some other methods for the Body and Mind. Don't expect joy and pleasure from Zvezda Gymnastics. They might happen as a bonus and might not. And in this case Zvezda practice can be of help to you. Probably, it is these moments when it is even more useful and necessary.

Very often women don't want to do it because they don't see any results. In this case, take a pen and some paper and try to find results.  Remember yourself before the start and look at yourself now.  Analyze your physical and emotional conditions, whether there are any changes in your state. Look at your life in detail and listen to yourself. 

We do it very rarely. We are not used to paying attention to our beloved selves.  And if you don't have any results (which is quite improbable) I would highly recommend you to correct your exercises with a Zvezda instructor. Believe me, there is always something to be corrected. It can also be useful to study the most common mistakes. Ask somebody to look at you or better take a photo or a video. You will be able to see many things yourself! And you can show your photo/video to an instructor over the Internet. We are sure to help, correct and assist you."

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