Автор Тема: Men’s opinions of their women who practise “Zvezda”  (Прочитано 1887 раз)


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Men’s opinions of their women who practise “Zvezda”
« : 11 Январь 2014, 00:03:36 »
Hello. I want to share the things I’ve been noticing.
My spouse has been practising the gymnastics “Zvezda” for more than a year already. She has changed a lot, both in the way she looks and behaves.
She gave up stooping, her shoulders straightened up, now she carries her head up like a queen! Somehow trousers have fallen into the background – Lida (my wife) has started wearing skirts, what she didn’t use to do. She’s become more feminine, loving and considerate not only towards me and our children but also towards herself. She’s started taking more care of her appearance.
Don’t think that she used to be mousy. But everyday routine absorbs so much that women will no longer be women. They become something incomprehensible. And I’m happy that Lida hasn’t turned into such something incomprehensible. The gymnastics drew her out of this routine, which fortunately failed to absorb Lida.
But what I like very much is that Lida has started to treat me not only as a breadwinner but also as a man!
Because how do women act? Try to wear the trousers at home. I mean they try to gain absolute power in their families.
Like in a joke: one man tells his fried
-   At home I solve global issues while my wife – minor ones.
-   So what kind of issues?
-   I decide whether it’s worth bombing Iraq while my wife - where we go to on our vacation.
Something like in the joke happens in life. A woman takes on responsibility for making decisions no matter what they are about, while a man sits in front of TV or with a newspaper reflecting upon world’s politics. Just because he has nothing else to do, that’s how a man turns in a milksop. That’s why the gymnastics has saved my personality too.
You may ask why exactly the gymnastics has? Because Lida has been doing nothing new but “Zvezda”. And I incline to believe that the gymnastics, nothing else, has changed my dear wife and me at the same time.
And I want to express gratitude towards Maria Guseva. Maria, thank you for having appeared in our lives with your gymnastics.


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