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Recommendations on negative
« : 30 Июнь 2013, 04:50:32 »
Recently I was asked the following question :”I have been doing Zvezda exercises  less than a month and I have so many issues: my husband, headaches, snuffle. Is it possible Zvezda could cause this sort of things?"
I am sure that can happen. Everyone usually gives good, nice, cheerful feedbacks about Zvezda and so on. But no one writes negative things. So it seems everyone is doing great, Zvezda is magical. But person stays with her own mess and does not know what to do. She does not even know if there’s a connection between that and gymnastics.
Yes, there’s a connection. Our recommendations about 1-3 sets of 7 exercises are advised because of the negative but not butterflies and happiness. 

So I would like to note the following:

1.   During gymnastics so called negative appears quite often.  It can appear as a flue, aggression, bigger sexual  needs, exacerbation of the diseases etc.

2.   I think this effect can last 2-3 weeks, 1 month is a maximum.

3.   You should be aware of this negative. Sooner you understand you have that, sooner you work it out. You should not try to escape from that. You have all of that and you always will until you will work it out. I have written a lot about the aggression, I don’t have any energy to repeat all that. But if the aggression is coming out – let it be. Don’t press it and don’t hide your emotions. They have been hidden for a long time inside of you.  Now you have to let them out. Zvezda is like water in a dry river – it revives and fulfills. And you have to allow the flow to wash out all the garbage from the bottom in order to let your river to flow alive and affluent. If you are trying your best to be an angel but have a hurricane inside – believe me, no one will benefit from that, nor your children, nor your husband. Let your hurricane get out and your sun to lighten something that was hidden and needs to be announced.

4.   It is worth to reduce your amount of exercises to a certain minimum and to continue your practice. At least you should stand in the basic positions every day. In this case a used-up energy release will not be released so brightly, but it will happen every day.

5.   Try to change your life in a slow but perceived way. Change your old behavior with new one.  If the only thing you could reply to your husband earlier was: “Of course, love, as you say”, now at least keep your mouth shut if you can’t tell him your own opinion. Little by little learn to express yourself honestly. And Zvezda will give you energy for it.

6.   And try to give feedbacks. Use our Forum of talk to your friend. But try to talk about what is happening to you. Or write. The best thing is to post on our Forum because surely you will find someone with the same issue you have.  It will be easier – so feel I.

7.   Remember, negative will not last forever )). But if you have it for a long period of time or your have an exacerbation of your diseases please talk to your doctor – you have to think about your health as well. Nobody will think about you except yourself.


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Re: Recommendations on negative
« Ответ #1 : 19 Июль 2015, 21:03:56 »
Crisis in Zvezda Practising
a chapter from the book by Maria Guseva

Now I would like to speak about such thing as quitting Zvezda practice. According to the statistics, such crises happen in 2 weeks and in 2-4 months after the start. I think, and I would be glad to get some feedback from you with additional information, that those who have practised Zvezda exercises for half a year, continue doing it quitting and resuming the practice in accordance with their own feeling but without stopping it completely.  However, those who have just started can face reluctance to do it at the initial stage. 

I want you to know that such throwbacks are possible. They are not surprising and about 70% of women go through it.  Some of them (the minority) overcome this reluctance and continue Zvezda practising, the others (the majority) quit it completely.  This is also normal and quite comprehensible. 

Here are the most common reasons for women to quit the practice:

1.   Zvezda Gymnastics is not effective. “I don't have any results. I don't feel anything. These are some stupid exercises. What's the point of doing them?”;

2.   Laziness. Inability to do the same practice for a long time. "On Saturday they organize a belly dancing group in the community center. I'd better go there! And my neighbour Helen says that pilates helped her a lot. I should also try it!";

3.   No clear inner motivation and need for group workouts. I mean that for such women it is important to go somewhere. They'd better spend two hours on fitness/yoga (an hour for getting to the sports club and an hour for exercises) than practice alone at home;

4.   And the most clear and really considerable reason is  throwbacks.

So, what can be done about these reasons?

I have nothing to say about the first three ones and no need for that. However, if you fall into the third category and you feel the need for group practising I can recommend you something. You can arrange a group with your friends and practise Zvezda Gymnastics altogether. You can find an instructor in your city who organizes regular group classes. However, this option is difficult because we don't have a lot of instructors yet.  And finally, you can join our skype chat and do the exercises with someone from the chat. It's not the best alternative but still it will motivate a bit those women who need a company for doing something.

Now I want to speak about throwbacks in detail. What is a throwback? As a rule, Zvezda Gymnastics gives some energy advance at the initial stage: it improves the mood and general state; gives smoothness and relaxation as well as vivacity etc. Then, it is almost inevitable to have a decline in the form of depression, aggression, heightened resentments. Every woman has her own negative reaction. Throwbacks can be divided into the following categories:

1.   Emotional (for example, mood swings);
2.   Physical (acute conditions of diseases);
3.   Crisis in life circumstances (dismissal, a breakup with the partner etc.).

In general, Zvezda practice fluctuates the first two years, i.e. it doesn't mean that after aggravation in the form of a running nose everything will be ok. There will be ups and downs again. Still they will be larger and deeper with time. At first, it might be calmness as well as tears and sniffles, then, possibly, dismissal and search for your true purpose in life, and later that might be a change of the place of living etc.  You will be purged until you start living in exact accordance with your heart. Without betraying yourself.  It doesn't mean that since you start Zvezda Gymnastics, your life will turn into a complete assault course.  You'll get stronger with every trial and you will face each new one with more serenity.  You are sure not to recognise yourself in a year of Zvezda practising. You will be very surprised recalling your own behaviour in a year.  I've gone through it myself and I see it in many other women who go through it.  It is a journey and I believe it's worth going through.  However, it might be easier for someone to refuse it at the initial stage. And I can understand that.  I think the most important thing is to clearly understand what you refuse and why. Yes, the first euphoria from the practice will subside and turn into calm and balanced energy. I mean that, probably, you won't move mountains but you'll know that you can do it.  Something that seemed impossible before will become clear and achievable.  And at the same time purging and cleansing will continue.

To sum it up, I want to provide some recommendations to those who face a throwback at the beginning and still are willing to go on:

1.   Don't quit the practice completely;

2.   Decrease the amount of exercises. Do one repetition of exercises, instead of three, and do 7 exercises every other day. If you still feel that it's too much, do only the basic positions and a used-up energy release. But continue practising because Zvezda Gymnastics will give you resources to go through the obstacles instead of burying them somewhere deep inside as it is usually done;

3.   Try to understand what's going on. If you get angry with everyone around you, look for the REAL root cause of this aggression. It's clear that the reason is not in the kid's crying and screaming and the husband's coming home late.  There's some story, some situation that provokes this internal discomfort, that makes you get angry and in this way it attracts your attention.  So, you have to work with this situation;

4.   You can and should use other methods to work with your subconscious. It can be some books about loving yourself, mental training, praying, meditations etc.  Find the methods suitable for you, do not neglect these problems;

5.   That would happen anyway, even without Zvezda practice.  The Gymnastics only brings to the surface all the things that are sure to appear in this or that way later, but, probably, in a more aggravated form.  I hope, understanding this fact will help you to take easier the things happening to you and, despite the circumstances, to continue practising.

And if you've been doing Zvezda exercises for a long time, you probably have your own secrets how to cope with a crisis.

Zvezda Instructor Nadezhda Mikhalina (practising since 2011) has written a good article about crises in Zvezda Gymnastics:

"I noticed several times that when I ask a woman by chance whether she continues practising, she lowers her eyes and says that no, she hasn't been doing it for 2 days/weeks/months. And in such case I have the feeling that I'm expected to get angry with her or at least to reprimand her for not being a good girl because good girls don't act like that.  As if we were at school  and she's been absent from classes.... I think that we are all adults and only we, ourselves, are responsible for our OWN life.  At least, I want it to be this way. You have to understand that doing or not doing Zvezda exercises is your own decision.

Still I want to say that making breaks is also normal. At least, I know very few women who practice in accordance with a strict schedule and without any breaks for a long period of time. When you just start feeling your body and your true self and understanding what you really need, there are natural pauses.  For some reason in this period you cannot do Zvezda Gymnastics. The other thing is to be able to tell common laziness and negligence from the condition when you really need a break in practising. As for me, not to forget about the practice I make the note "Z" in my organizer, and then if the situation allows, I do it.  I have to avoid the situation: "I forgot about it for a month!". I expect  my body to ask for it.  Still, in the beginning you have to develop this habit.

Very often there are false recollections. Sometimes you feel that you practice a lot and every day. But if you count, it appears to be not that much.

And if you have a crisis or cannot do the Gymnastics for some reason, then you shouldn't completely stop it, just decrease the load. Do a bit of it often in homoeopathic doses.  If you have some "negative" effects (I put the quotes because I don't see anything bad in the fact that the body gets rid of some unnecessary and outdated things), don't forget about the used up energy release.  And still if you don't want to do it, don't do it. Honestly say to yourself that you don't want to, don't have time to or can't do Zvezda Gymnastics now, and continue your ordinary life. Don't blame yourself and don't feel guilty.

Maybe, in some time you'll want to resume it. Maybe, your body will ask for it recalling how good it felt doing this practice.  And, maybe, you will never remember it again. This is also a common thing.

Sometimes there are periods when your practice is full of joy and pleasure. Everything is fine in your life and you want to live and practice in this joy. I'm sorry to upset you saying that it won't last forever. We change and our life also changes... Zvezda Gymnastics changes too. Even if your body is fit enough to do all the exercises in the right way and you enjoy practising, it doesn't mean anything. It's quite possible that some old block or problem will come to the surface, and the body will get wooden again. It's not bad. It doesn't mean that you shall stop the practice. You have to overcome it and go on. Maybe, it is time to use some other methods for the Body and Mind. Don't expect joy and pleasure from Zvezda Gymnastics. They might happen as a bonus and might not. And in this case Zvezda practice can be of help to you. Probably, it is these moments when it is even more useful and necessary.

Very often women don't want to do it because they don't see any results. In this case, take a pen and some paper and try to find results.  Remember yourself before the start and look at yourself now.  Analyze your physical and emotional conditions, whether there are any changes in your state. Look at your life in detail and listen to yourself. 

We do it very rarely. We are not used to paying attention to our beloved selves.  And if you don't have any results (which is quite improbable) I would highly recommend you to correct your exercises with a Zvezda instructor. Believe me, there is always something to be corrected. It can also be useful to study the most common mistakes. Ask somebody to look at you or better take a photo or a video. You will be able to see many things yourself! And you can show your photo/video to an instructor over the Internet. We are sure to help, correct and assist you."

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Re: Recommendations on negative
« Ответ #2 : 20 Июль 2015, 18:42:21 »
"Negative" Effects of Zvezda Practice from the Positive Point of View»

At the beginning of Zvezda practicing many women wonder why they have acute conditions of old diseases or negative bursts of emotions. They are also afraid of the so called "throwbacks". I would like to remind you that Zvezda Gymnastics aims at relaxing your body and this causes the above said effects.

I have a simple idea about that. Now it seems so obvious to me!  However, when it only occurred to me it was like a revelation. Probably, this thought will even be repulsing for many people. So, this idea lies in the fact that for many people meeting themselves is the most unpleasant thing that can happen to them in their whole life.

Recently I've had a talk with women practising Zvezda Gymnastics after a regular class.  One of the women said that several times during the exercise she approached some parts of her self-awareness, but there, behind the border, it is painful and scaring; many things are buried and closed and it is impossible to find the nerve to look at it.

Women often write to me and write in their diaries in the Zvezda Forum that they fall into depression.  Sometimes they are aware of what is going on with them, sometimes not.  In their notes I see that they did have the first meeting with themselves and they didn't like what they saw. And why? It is just for the fact that a lot of things are buried and closed from ourselves.  Each person has some very painful memories that hurt so much when you recall them that they've been forced out in the subconscious.  People are afraid of pain. People like suffering but they are afraid of pain. Especially, mental pain. We have pain-killers for physical pain, but for psychological pain no pills have been invented yet.

Another thing. In general, people live in their illusions of themselves. It is unpleasant to admit your mistakes, to see how imperfect your body is, and many other things are unpleasant too. So, we invent our own image for ourselves in which we ignore the qualities we don't like.  The popular phrase about loving yourself conceals a trap: to truly love yourself you have to see yourself at first. Totally. With all your imperfections. And some of these imperfections prove to be not defects but just negative judgements from the stiff mental pattern. When you start seeing the world in a wider way, many judgements disappear.  Instead, you merely see some qualities that, when seen in full, can be changed and corrected depending on a current purpose.

So, on one hand, it is unpleasant to meet your true self (though only in the beginning), but on the other hand, this is the only thing that can be done to improve the quality of a person's life and to increase happiness.  It's worth doing so that you could live without wasting your energy on maintaining your illusions, thinking of excuses, building long-term storage rooms for your mental pain. It will be Life.  This is a real joy that you feel every second.  The life of such person doesn't become a wonderful fairy-tale with no evil or unpleasant things. But such person is basically satisfied with his/her life and is able to cope with all the difficulties that come his/her way. And this is wonderful. It's worth going through a certain sobriety, through sniffles and tears.

And I had another thought. How could we make people meet themselves? How can we make them believe that this is possible? It's difficult to arrange and sell a mindset training programme for this purpose.  The majority of people don't like to look at themselves.  And there are lots of different mental trainings now where people are promised light, love and positive emotions.  Of course, positive emotions are important and necessary.  However, sometimes they cause positive harm.

As for me, I don't want another life.  I suffered several years after seeing only the top of the iceberg of my true self.  Now I really enjoy the simple fact that I live. Facing difficulties and seeing my imperfections give me energy to solve these problems.
Lord, thank you for that!
Wish all of you good Zvezda practising and meetings with your true self!

skype: zventa4, e-mail: e-maie@yandex.ru