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The used-up energy release
« : 05 Март 2013, 02:39:59 »
It is an energy-related exercise, performed in the mind’s eye.

Take any basic position: upper, middle or down. You might want to close your eyes. Visualize a descending flow of energy moving along your spine, releasing all excess strain in your body and exiting through your relaxed pelvis.
It is very important to keep your pelvic floor relaxed.

You can imagine a water stream or a ray of sunlight or anything that you like, streaming through your body and leaving through your pelvis. Figuratively speaking, the purpose of the exercise is to exhale in order to release “carbon dioxide” on the energetic level.

You can do this exercise when you need it: if you do not “exhale” automatically or you need extra “ventilation”. You will understand the need for doing the release according to your state after doing «Zvezda» exercises. In case of increased heart rate, dizziness, insatiable desire for sex, strong aggression, etc. you might need to do the used-up energy release.

Another indication for doing the release is a serious chronic condition.
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