Автор Тема: Introduction to all-purpose gymnastics for women "Zvezda"  (Прочитано 2552 раз)

Kalinina Anna

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Human body is a delicate and beautiful creation where everything is interrelated, taken into account and tuned. Woman’s body is twice as beautiful and amazing. It has since time immemorial evoked admiration. Above all, it gives birth to a new life. Unfortunately, modern women emulate men contradicting their nature. It results in problems and health issues. That’s why women today need a simple and effective practice recognizing their mission by birth, their distinctive features and needs.

All-purpose gymnastics for women “Zvezda” is psychophysical practice which gives necessary impulse to the woman’s body and soul. These are 27 exercises out of which each woman compiles her own individual sets (3-5-7 exercises) for specific situations.

The exercises are rather simple and at the same time very effective. They are specific for female physiology and address the most of her body needs. The exercises stimulate the work of the hormone system, lymph and blood flow, workout the internal muscles, massage the viscera, spine and joints.

As a result, the hormone system is stabilized. The woman’s body becomes relaxed, lithe and firm. All organs and muscles are toned up and due to the sufficient amount of oxygen they start to function adequately and without anguish. The immunity is increased, one stops being susceptible to colds. The body becomes lithe, backaches and pains in joints stop bothering, the spine is restored, the nervous system becomes more stable, body posture is being corrected. The figure is being formed by the internal muscles, gaining feminine, seductive and natural lines. Gait and movements become harmonious and beautiful.  Skin, nails and hair state becomes healthier.

During the exercises, the woman connects to the powerful stream of female energy by means of which her own energy is getting renewed. And gradually, her view of things and way of thinking is changing. Female outlook, ability to rely on intuition and personal feelings are being activated.

It is worth saying separately about the effect of the gymnastics on pelvic and female reproductive system. Woman’s diseases are mainly caused by the strained belly and blood circulation disturbances in the true pelvis area. “Zvezda” exercises in the best possible way – by stretching – relax the muscles and tone them up naturally, improve the blood circulation.

The exercises train the deep abdominal muscles, pelvic floor and buttocks muscles, workout the hip joint. Positive effects can be already seen after a month of practicing. The bowels work better, sexuality is increased, the period pains and discomfort pass away. Intimate life becomes more rich, sensuality and sensitivity is increasing. The woman becomes more fertile.  She opens up as a woman. Healthy female body is beautiful and full of energy.

However, paraphrasing a well-known phrase, there are two types of people, some live to be healthy (in other words, work on medications), the others are healthy to live full life, to enjoy their everyday and be happy. Gymnastics for women “Zvezda” proves to be for the second type of people. 15 minutes of focused exercises give results that astonish and make hundreds of women happy. One doesn’t need to do much to be healthy - just to listen to oneself, hear and be not at variance with what one hears.