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My blog. maria Guseva
« : 09 Май 2014, 08:19:39 »
Gymnastics Zvezda from the first person. Maria Guseva.

I will start from the very beginning. I am frequently asked how I learnt about Gymnastics.
It is interesting to look back and see how I began doing Gymnastics. I did not read about it in the internet or in a book and did not hear about it from the women I know. When I discovered Gymnastics there was not a eureka moment.

Actually it was just the other way round. I went to the class in Gymnastics when I had known about it for at least six months. I knew about it for all that time and was not interested in it and was not going to attend the class. The reason of going there was my fixation on that kind of classes, I was “hooked” on the coach and attended all her workshops. After I have been to all the workshops focusing on certain spheres of life like money, love, happiness and even NLP I realized that there were only two classes left and they were dedicated to Gymnastics and English. I chose Gymnastics as I knew English better than the coach.

I am against any sort of personal development trainings as I have been through a horrendous addiction to them. They did not change anything in my life and I was still unhappy with a lot of things and I needed to go to the workshops to get the energy to live. When at last I started doing Gymnastics I stopped going to personal development trainings. Some time later they came back but then left my life for good. Now I am doing coaching myself but it is a different type of coaching.

That was how I got to know Gymnastics. The coach, a very ambitious girl of roughly my age took a class on Gymnastics of Slavic Enchantresses. The class took place in the canteen of one of secondary schools of Minsk. There were twenty of us and not enough space so we had to watch carefully what we were doing and make sure we do not hit women around. After the introductory lecture I learnt that the Gymnastics miraculously turns marital duties into sex extravaganza. I was married at the time and it sounded appealing. According to the coach a woman practicing Gymnastics gets very attracting to men. Then it appeared that a woman has to make herrself a wish before doing Gymnastics and the wish will come true. Gymnastics is believed to have a Slavic origin. I thought that it was rather interesting and since the Gymnastics was Slavic, I was Slavic and Slavic magic could work wonders I better try. That was the motivation to become a Gymnast.

I started doing exercises. One more incentive was that I could not do majority of them. It was an unpleasant surprise as I believed that I was healthy and supple. I would collapse like many of the women that come to my seminars nowadays and could not manage some of the exercises at all. I became adamant that I wanted to get the exercises right.

I started doing Gymnastics. At the time there was not any information in the internet and at the class we were told that it was sacred knowledge and it never occurred to me to start looking for more information. I had to do it myself without any explanation how to do it right and what was actually going on (I know now that the coach did not know it herself). I think there were drawbacks, I can’t remember. I did all 27 exercises in my own pace and all together it took me about 10 minutes. I did the whole complex and did it very quickly each time thinking about a new wish. Then my requests were majorly about Mr. Right as my relationship with my then husband had been over.

I carried on like that for half a year. Then I got to a summer workshop in Gymnastics and saw several women doing Gymnastics. There are around ten of them and all of them were beautiful. It stunned me. They were not typical skinny beauties with big breasts and long legs but they were all marvelous. All of them had their own body shapes and peculiarities but they were graceful. When I see my photos before I started doing Gymnastics I can see that I was angular. I had bones sticking out. Actually a woman does not need to be skinny to be angular. Some women are solid with quite a square body. If they have short hair they look like soldiers of special forces.

I was so impressed then that deep down I wanted to tell about gymnastics to as many women as possible.

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